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Aug 24, 2016 · A timing belt is designed to last around 100,000 miles, but generally we recommend that you have your timing belt changed well before that. Check your owner’s manual for your Chevrolet to make sure you’re following guidelines. Generally, you’ll be changing your timing belt every 3 to 5 years, depending on how much you drive.
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So my 2010 Traverse blew the original engine at about 35K miles and was replaced under warranty in about 2013. I now have a replacement engine with about 103,000 miles on the vehicle. I have the dreaded stretched timing chain. My Chevy dealer has said that my warranty is up and I have no recourse here.
A Timing Chain Replacement costs between $532.85 and $1966.40 on average. Get an instant estimate for your car and book a certified mechanic to perform the service at your office, or wherever your fleet may go. Learn More. How much does a Timing Chain Replacement cost for your car?Video: Replacing the Timing Chain On a Range Rover Sport and Late Model 5.0L and 3.0L Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Includes 3 chains, guides, shoes and related parts for a complete replacement and overhaul. The specialty tools needed for this job are available as related items with...
1.4L Turbo = Chain Drive 1.8L = Belt Drive 2.0L Diesel = Belt Drive Not sure what car the Original Poster is working on, but he posted in the 1.4L Turbo area, so he should be good on the timing chain. I don't know of one person that has had a chain failure. Given a two dimensional grid, each cell of which contains integer cost which represents a cost to traverse through that cell, we need to find a path from top left cell to bottom right Note : It is assumed that negative cost cycles do not exist in input matrix. This problem is extension of below problem.
Replacement Timing Chain Information. Choose from top brands including: Cloyes, Replacement, DNJ Rock, Febi, Melling, Genuine, SKP, Mopar As thrift becomes fashionable again, do-it-yourself auto repair is becoming more popular, with even such tasks as replacing a timing chain becoming a...May 16, 2019 · Now the timing chain is on it's way out. Have about 100,000 miles on it. The first one was replaced by the dealer under warranty. Cost to change timing chain by my mechanic is between $2500-$3000. But, because of the high mileage he recommends to replace the whole engine instead (Jasper Engines). Cost including labor $8500.
My 2010 SLT II is now at the dealer getting the timing chains replaced at 109K. I had codes P0008 and P0017 with the check engine light on, but the car ran fine and wasn't making noise. At warranty rates, the repair will cost over $1300.
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